Movie by : Jean Girault, Louis de Funès
Scenario : Jean Girault, d'après l’oeuvre 
de Molière

With : Louis de Funès, Claire Dupray, Frank David
Comedy - 2h05
Courtesy of Tamasa Distribution

French with Hebrew subtitles

Based on Molière's play. The children of Harpagon, Cléante and his sister Elise, are each in love but they still haven't spoken to their father yet. Harpagon is a miser who wants to choose the right man and the right woman for his children. When Cléante, at last, tries to speak to Harpagon, the old man informs the family that he wants to marry Marianne, the young girl loved by Cléante. Unaware of his son's sorrow, Harpagon doesn't understand why Cléante has become so angry with him.

November 22nd - 17:00

Rappaport Center Haifa

November 23rd - 14:00

Cinematheque Tel-Aviv

November 23rd - 21:00

Cinematheque Jerusalem