Movie by: François Desagnat
Scenario: François Desagnat, Thomas Ruat, Jérôme L'hotsky
With: Kad Merad, Pauline Etienne, 
Julie Gayet
Comedy - 1h40
Courtesy of Eden Cinema
French with hebrew and english subtitles


Stéphane and Suzanne are the parents of three young women. Everything may seem ideal, but Stéphane has always dreamed of having a son. To overcome this frustration, he monopolizes his future sons-in-law and falls for them faster than his daughters. When Alexia, his youngest daughter, decides to leave Thomas, a magnificent rugby player and her father's new idol, for a young doctor he can't stand, Stéphane puts up a fierce struggle.

November 15th - 14:00

Cinematheque Tel-Aviv

November 15th - 20:30

Cinematheque Haifa

November 18th - 20:45

Rappaport Center Haifa

November 19th - 18:00

Cinematheque Savion