Movie by : Ivan Calbérac
Scenario : Ivan Calbérac
With : Benoît Poelvoorde, Valérie Bonneton, Helie Thonnat
Comedy - 1h34
Courtesy of Studio Canal
French with hebrew and english subtitles

Emile, 14 years old, manoeuvres as he can his teenage years in a small town in the Paris region, between a father working as a trade representative, whimsical and sweet crazy, and a mother not so much more sane, who dyed the hair of his son blond every month, because he is more beautiful like that. Convinced of the relevance of this hair discoloration, Emile is nevertheless terribly ashamed, just as he is ashamed to live in a caravan on the ground where Bernard and Annie, his parents, have to build their house... the day they get the license to build.

When Pauline, the high school girl with whom he is in love, invites Emile to Venice for a concert at La Fenice, Bernard decides that the whole family will accompany him with the caravan, for a trip as incredible as it is initiative.

November 16th - 15:00

Cinematheque Tel-Aviv

November 16th - 11:00

Cinematheque Haifa

November 18th - 18:00

Cinematheque Jerusalem

November 22nd - 12:30

Cinematheque Sderot